Friday, March 17, 2017

Fontana Pt. 3

After a mountain top experience, one always has to come to grips with the next logical step. 

A trek through a valley in hopes that a mountain will come again in to view. 

Although I wouldn't exactly predict a valley, a post with poetry, historical significance, and beautiful views is certainly a hard act to follow. 

But the facts don't care about climactic contouring. 

They're cool like that. 

Enough with the qualifying. 

Here's some pictures from the remaining highlights of my time in CA.


We all showed up to Friday night church with more vim and vigor than one would expect after the before described uphill trek. 

 My Pastor preached a brilliant message and it was one of those services where the altar call lasted long enough to allow some well digging. 

My cousin, Elisa and I at the lock-in.

I enjoyed my time I spent with her so much that the wheels of my mind started turning. 

What would be better, than having Elisa move to McMinnville? So we could hang out all the time?

I don't believe in church-hopping. Last time I checked that was called back-sliding. 

So we would have to do it all quite right and legal. 

What better way to do it, than to have her marry someone in my church??


So at 6:55 AM the next morning I messaged the man I was depending on to carry out my plan.

My backup then proceeded to send me a picture of him standing in full uniform with some sketchy looking fellows. 

Needless to say, Elisa won't be moving to Oregon any time soon.

Luke had to head to the airport earlier than I did and he said his tearful goodbyes with a strong heart. 

Ace always makes goodbyes better. 

One of my favorite places on earth is Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. 

It has nothing to do with the$1.7 Million Bugatti that is always parked outside of the House of Bijan boutique. 

I know some of you are bored of these car pictures by now cause you see these every day....



I took this picture for my dad, because I knew that the use of dryer venting for the front of a Beverly Hills retail store would crack him up.

My Beverly buddies.

We went in to one of the many stores we had no financial business going in, and found this hideous creation of a shoe that probably cost more than I make in a year. 

Gotta hand it to them, it's sure unique.

On my way up the escalator, I found myself blocked by a frustrated lady tapping on her phone, frantically trying to get a text message to send. 

Being the Clark Kent figure I am, I naturally grabbed her phone and began the diagnosis. 

By the end of the interaction, she told be that she would hire me to be her personal phone help. 

I didn't take her up on it at the time but I've since had a change heart. 

So ma'am, if you're reading this, just leave a comment below and a credit card number along with a bank statement and I'll be happy to fly down anytime you need my assistance. 

I found what I had always been looking for. 

A store that sold speakers, ranging single speakers that are $3,000 to sound systems that are $14,000.

This my friends, is Bang and Olufsen. 

^^I have the Harmon Kardon version of this, and it works quite well. 

Didn't cost me $2,699.00 either.

Greystone Mansion. You should check it out. 

I can't remember the name of the place we ate, but I know it had macaron towers.

Thank you all my  friends who know how crazy I am, and still want to be seen in public with me. 
You made my trip the best it could have possibly been.

I'll come back soon and we'll do it all over again. 

And again. 

And again. 


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